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Elena Maar is a pseudonym. As Elena Maar she has already written and published a few short stories and is known for her macabre and ironical tone and the (inexorable) veiled connotations in her fiction. Thus, she has decided to just keep the pseudonym.

She was born in Berlin/Germany; she is a musician and a author. In time she decided to learn the craft of professional writing. It was her intention to use this new skill for the writing of academic articles but she soon discovered her enthusiasm for creative writing.While working on a novel she created the mysterious place Purga. Parallel to the novel seven short stories have flowed out of the tip of her pen and, to be precise, those short stories (collected in "The Purga Valley") are mere peripheral events of a  much larger story, she says.


Notes on the translater

The translator of these stories Rosie Pinhorn, a teacher by trade, has devoted her life to translating literature from German into English. This is her first published translation. Originally from Germany, she has lived in Britain for several decades. Her professional loves are the language of poets and writers from around the world and the literature of sages.






"Those not willing to dive, will not know the bottom. Unless the water is crystal clear or not very deep. I like crystal clear water, but I also like writing for divers!" (Elena Maar)



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