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»The Purga Valley«

Eerie Stories


Commit yourself into the trusted hands of Elena Maar and get immersed into the strange goings on of the Purga Valley, the end of all journeys. Whether you attempt to leave the place with the painter, have lived there for years in the idyll of cottages and the surrounding wilderness or have moved into the village from afar, it will put a spell on you that is hard to resist. These stories remind of the gothic movement in literature, by giving it a modern twist. There is no need for ghosts and ghouls, as the tricks the quite sane and pragmatic or seemingly rational human mind plays on the inhabitants of the Purga Valley are stranger than anything explained away by the paranormal. (Rosie Pinhorn/UK)





The Painter

House of Felines

Power Cut

The immaculate Death



Joan Quade



published in 2013

Publisher: tredition Ltd., D-Hamburg

(ISBN: 978-3-8491-2096-2)
E-Book (ISBN: 978-3-8491-2097-9)




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